DefendaGuard Anti-Viral Shutters

DefendaGuard Anti-Viral Shutters

DefendaGuard Anti-Viral Shutters provide the highest level of protection from germs and viruses like Covid-19. These shutters can seal an entire area off at the press of a button, keeping viral air-borne germs away.

These shutter also provide security as a secondary benefit.

Plexiglass Virus Shields

Plexiglass germ shields became very popular at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, multiple studies have proven that these shields are ineffective in stopping the spread of Covid-19 and air-borne germs. Rather than stopping the virus from spreading, the air-born germs go around the Plexiglass shield and potentially infecting people.

Why are Plexiglass Shields Ineffective?

Studies recently published on major networks including Forbes, The New York Times, CNN, and Fox News outline the science behind this recent discovery regarding plexiglass shields.

Dr. Linsey Marr, who is an America scientist at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, likened the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses to the movement of smoke. Virus particles, much like smoke, float through the air and fill up an open areas that are not sealed off.

According to Forbes, "Once you understand that an aerosol doesn't necessarily travel in a particular direction, it's obvious why a barrier won't block its movement. When a customer and cashier are facing each other at the supermarket checkout, a plexiglass screen may well block droplets if one person coughs or sneezes, but it can't stop mist."

Pentagon is offering a solution to this problem of virus-transmission and spread of air-borne germs. Our DefendaGuard Anti-Viral Shutters do not allow these tiny air-borne germ particles to get into areas that are shuttered off with these transparent shutters. This virus-protection solution is effectively a heavy duty plexiglass shield that is capable of sealing an area off and also disappearing into an overhead box housing!

Keep your staff, customers, and patrons safe by using DefendaGuard Anti-Viral Shutters to stop the spread of Covid-19 and future viruses. Permanent and robust virus-protection solutions are the latest necessity in the fight against the pandemic and variants.

Read the Forbes Study

DefendaGuard Anti-Viral Shutters provide the ultimate protection from virus-transmission between staff, customers, and patrons.

These shutters protect areas at the press of a button, while allowing normal functions such as payment with optional clear openings in the shutter.

When your DefendaGuard Anti-Viral Shutter is not in use, you can simply roll it up into its overhead box housing, out of sight and ready when you need it!

See how these plexiglass shields are ineffective at stopping virus-transmission? There is so much space for air-borne germs to pass over the reception desk!

The DefendaGuard Anti-Viral Shutter

These Anti-Viral Shutters are designed with a completely transparent polycarbonate curtain that provides good visibility.

The frame is constructed with high-strength aluminum, meaning these shutters also provide security, as a secondary benefit.

Multiple color and design options to suit your needs and wants!

Extremely easy to install for both retrofit and new applications.

Contact us today to find out more, let's slow the spread together!

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