Secure Storage Shutters

Valuables should always be secured and protected, doing so has never been so easy as with TambourGuard - the secure storage solution! These strong shutters are designed to mount to the front of cabinets and shelving with ease. Whether storing important business documents, valuable items, or equipment these shutters will provide protection without compromising space or limited access. Most importantly, our design allows maximum access to your shelving units with guide rails that protrude very little into your space.

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valuable, confidential, and important items


high value items that require protection


your files out of sight to create a tidy atmosphere


- High durability and strength eliminates break-ins
- Significantly reduces the amount of solar radiation and UV damage
- Enjoy natural daylight and embrace your spectacular view


- Includes optimum anti-glare technology
- Saves heating and cooling costs by regulating room temperatures and climates
- Heat input can be adjusted making it energy efficient


- Cover cabinets and shelving while adding a visual appeal
- Create a clean and organized atmosphere with screen covers
- Add a logo, design, or labels to your screen for a professional look

TambourGuard Product Model


- Minimal size, high-tech extruded aluminum housing
- Simple operation, controlled by switch, remote, WiFi or app
- Safe, long-lasting performance with the latest in motorized technologies
- 2 part box/ coil enclosure for a clean install and enduring serviceability
- Maximum energy conservation while creating blissful and peaceful spaces, with an opportunity to collect LEED points


- Several curtain design options and colors to suit any application - Gorgeous selection of low maintenance materials
- Commercial grade aluminum
- Environmentally friendly material with positive effects during production and long term operation
- Multiple different levels of high strength curtains that are resistant to deformation, even under heavy load

Frame & Curtain Color Options

Choose from Four Standard Colors Shown Below

~ Custom Colors are Available ~

Arctic White

Clear Anodized

Dark Bronze