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5 New DefendaGuard Options!


About Our New Series

Expanding our DefendaGuard line-up means that you will now be able to match any existing architecture to get the perfect design you were looking for. At Pentagon, we believe that security does not have to be hindrance to the overall look of your commercial building or home – it should in fact increase the aesthetic appeal!

Details On Each Series

Clear Design – 530 Series

The Clear 530 option is the perfect shutter for allowing superb visibility and light transfer. Featuring a strong transparent acrylic curtain and sleek design.

Straight Design – 530 Series

The Straight 531 option is a very clean looking shutter that consists of vertical sections that can either be open or filled with clear acrylic.

Brick Design – 530 Series

The Brick 531 option provides a great architectural featureĀ  with a classic brick design. The staggered window slots within the curtain can be filled with clear acrylic or left open.

Window Design – 560/530 Series Combo

The Window 560/ 530 combo option allows you to have a window or windows in your curtain. The window is filled with transparent acrylic.

Large Perforations – 562 Series

The Large Perforations 562 option is ideal for providing intense security as well as allowing light transfer and air flow. It gives you the look of a ‘link and rod’ grille door with minimal moving parts